“ The Goal is Galactic Conquest: In order to achieve this goal, the clans will be required to build and maintain garrisons for defence and fleets for attack, research more powerful and innovative ways to destroy one another and generally have fun. ” — Griffin
Lancer Frigate Released at XWAU
January 04, 2007
Happy New Year!

The XWAU team has quietly released the Lancer Frigate, and is available for download from their site.

New Imperial's Costs Preview
December 31, 2006
It is still 2006, but I have decided to give everyone an sneak peek at what to expect for Crusade 4. Click here to see the new Imperial costs.

If you are wondering what is new - below is a break down:
-Got rid of super large ships, sorry but no SSD's or ESSD's as they cause too much lag and don't do anything.

-Several fighters are no longer available. I got rid of the TIE Experimentals, and also the TIE Phantom because we never could get them to actually cloak. The TIE Shadow B is the only "cloaking" fighter left, but it was never really meant to cloak any way. It is also a much nicer looking fighter then the TIE Phantom.

-All ships are now 10x more expensive then they were in Crusade 3. Obviously there will be some adjustments to the economy, but the reason for the sharp increase is because there were simply far too many ships in Crusade 3, making it near impossible to keep track of them all.

-All hyperspace capable ships travel at the same speed

-The way fighters and transports are built is going to be overhauled which is why you don't see anything regarding build times for fighters.

-These prices are not final, but should give everyone a good idea as to the direction I am going. Another major change is going to occur that you should be warned about. I am going to put a cap on the maximum speed fighters can go. The Maximum MGLT I am thinking I will allow is 120. Anything else is just too much with regards to causing lag.

More to be released in January 2007...

Crusade 4 Coming This Year?
December 29, 2006
I have been busy reading up on my programming skills, and hope to have a design for an automated system by the end of January 2007. I have been revising the rules the past few weeks, and hope to make a release soon.

Order of the Sith: Downfall
December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas everyone!

If you are looking for a movie to watch, check out the new Order of the Sith installment by going here - http://www.orderofthesith.net/

eBay Auction to Support Website!
December 12, 2006
I just paid my hosting company a lot of $$ to keep this site going for at least 5 more years. To finance this, I have decided to sell one of my computers - to see it, click below.

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @ 2.4GHz/ 1GB DDR400/ 256MB X800 GTO/ 250GB Hard Drive/ Sound Blaster Audigy SE

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice) Overclocked to 2.4GHz
Mother board: DFI NF4 Infinity Rev B. ATX NFORCE4 S939 DDR PCI-E16 2PCI-E SATA RAID Sound GBLAN 1394
Memory: 1GB (2x512MB Kingston HyperX PC3200 512MB DDR400 CL2-3-2-6 184PIN DIMM)
Hard Drive: Maxtor DiamondMax 10 250GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB 9MS NCQ Quiet RoHS
Video: Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO 256MB 256BIT GDDR3 PCI-E VGA DVI VIVO (Modded from 12 pipes to 16, and can be overclocked stable to 515 Core/ 527 Memory via ATITool)
Optical Drive: BenQ DW1650 Black DVD+-RW 16X Dual Layer DVD Writer
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI 7.1 Surround Sound
Firewire: Yes
USB 2: Yes
Computer Case: Nikao 8009 ATX Tower Case Black, 4X5.25, 1X3.5, 4X3.5IN with rear 90mm fan, front 1394, and USB Ports
Added Case Fan: Front mounted Nikao 120MM Silver Chrome Fan 1800RPM 63.05CFM 24.6DBA W/ Blue LED
Power supply: Fortron ATX-400PN 400W ATX12V 20/24PIN Power Supply W/ 120MM Fan
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (comes installed and with CD)
Weight of Fully Assembled Computer: 25 lbs

This item does not include: monitor, keyboard, or mouse.


It was not an easy choice to sell this one, because it is so light and easy to carry around + Modded video card and Kingston HyperX RAM are amazingly fast together.

Petition: State Funeral for Canada's last World War I Veteran
November 10, 2006
It seems difficult to believe, but there are only 3 Canadian vets left from World War I alive. The Dominion Institute has put up a petition that I hope every one that reads this site signs. I'm sure the petition will be seen as one of the most important ones of the century for Canada, it is too bad it has gotten so little media attention (I personally just found out about it today...). The petition can be found here.
The Meatrix...
November 05, 2006
Some chaps over at http://www.themeatrix.com/ have done a really good take off of the Matrix. If you didn't guess by the name The Meatrix", it is about how our food is produced!

Empire At War: Forces of Corruption Released!
October 27, 2006
Today LucasArts released the expansion pack to Empire at War titled "Forces of Corruption". After viewing the new trailers, and seeing the new units... I can only imagine what gamers are going to be saying after they see the new walking teddy bears...with bombs...

Poor Ewok

Empire At War: Forces of Corruption
October 03, 2006
Lucas Arts is set to release the expansion pack to Empire At War titled "Forces of Corruption" on October 24th, 2006. In this expansion pack (which I know I will be buying) we are introduced to a new major player in the Star Wars Universe called Tyber Zann who apparently will be able to raise a large enough army that he will be able to threaten the Rebel Alliance, the Empire, and Jabba the Hutt all at the same time.

Just looking at the trailer, which can be found here, he looks like Prince Arthus from War Craft III the Frozen Throne; however, the new ships and troops they are adding will hopefully add some more depth to the combat in the game. They apparently are also putting a bit more work into how ground battles are played - lets hope we can choose where our defending units will start out!

Aside from new units, and a new faction to play (it really does sound exactly like the story behind Crusade 3 if you ask me - which I like!), it doesn't look like they were bold enough to let the player take control of individual units, and turn the game into a hybrid first person shooter/ RTS. Maybe in another two years...

Hello multimedia.ru!
September 29, 2006
I just checked the web statistics, on August 23rd there was a sudden spike in the number of download requests - the total number of KB downloaded on that one day - 614682574 - all from the website multimedia.ru. Since it is in Russian, I cannot read anything there, but wow, that is very cool that we got that many downloads on one day, I hope we didn't crash the server =)

Web Comic ALIVE!
August 01, 2006
After a couple of years in limbo, I have found my comic pages again, and am re-uploading them to this site. You can view them by clicking on the link to the web comic.

SW Crusade Forum Change Alert
July 20, 2006
Unfortunately I just found out that the Invision power board forum that I have been using for Crusade is no longer fully functional and I cannot get support from Invision power board unless I am willing to fork over $69 US...

On July 24th, 2006, I will be uninstalling the Invision power board, and installing a new forum. I will not be able to reuse the database, so all forum posts will be lost. If you would like to keep some of the information from the forum, please copy and paste it while you can to a word document.

Review: Empire at War
July 20, 2006
This is by far the best original Star Wars RTS game, easily besting previous attempts (Rebellion, & Force Commander).

The Galactic map: overall game play is great, and the training missions are very good! The game takes a little while to figure out, but once you do it is a lot of fun! Not only must you plan offensive actions, but also make sure to watch your back as the enemy could appear any where!

Starting the story before Yavin is great, very cool to see what the Empire and Rebellion was up to, and being able to boss around Han Solo was funny.

Suggestions: for building, the upgrading path isn't as good as it could be, I like Rebellion's way better.

Problems/b>: It doesn't make sense that when playing either side in the single player campaign, you can take over the whole galaxy... makes the rebels a little too over powered...they should have limited the number of planets the rebels could go to.

Space Combat: this is the best part of the game although it really is just a rock/ paper/ scissors strategy, it provides hours of entertainment! When you fend off an entire fleet with your space station it can be more fun then any other RTS game experience!

Suggestions: unfortunately you are limited as to how many units you can have at one time in a battle, but you can bring more units in as you lose them to locations you control. Also it would be nice if you could choose which ships will start in each battle rather then it being random.

-This game could become a classic if it actually allowed you to enter into the cockpit of the star fighters, and turn the game into a space flight simulator like X-wing or TIE Fighter - it seems like the game engine is capable of this.

-There is a need for a larger variety of ships

Ground Combat: all buildings (and most units) are pre-built which makes more sense then normal RTS games (where you build massive buildings and huge amounts of units in 15 minutes...). The units perform as you would expect them to from previous games. The layout of the maps is very good and makes for some great battles, and the addition of heroes is very cool.

Suggestions: That you need to find a random slab of concrete to build turrets is silly, all the things that you are supposed to build should actually be more like your units, you build them ahead of time, and then place them where you like. Some of the places they put the shield generator are silly...

When you have a large fleet in orbit, instead of sending down a few TIE bombers, or Y-wings, why can't you do a bombardment using capital ships? Also, again the amount of units you have is limited - very frustrating. When defending, why are all your units spread randomly all over the map? Why can't you choose what units start, and where they start?

As you can tell, most of the problems are with the ground portion of the game.

Even if they fix all the problems, the game still would not earn a 5 though, because it doesnít offer anything more special then other games. What it needs is the ability to take over your units, and make the game into a hybrid FPS/RTS to make this game a classic.

Rating: 4 Stars

Empire At War Demo Rocks!
February 14, 2006
The latest Star Wars game Empire At War has a new demo, and is well worth the down load. I just finished playing it, and can tell that it is a HUGE improvement over both Rebellion, and Force Commander! The full game will be on store shelves this Thursday (February 16th), and I will be one of the first to buy it!

Just from what I have seen from the demo, the game seems to be very much related to Crusade, with even the color and style of the planets and galactic maps being identical (of course the map in Empire At War is finally 3D just as I always wanted the Crusade map to be). Everything from the economy, to planet setups/ defences seem to be similar, and the idea I had a while ago (that was on the old message board that got deleted) of trade routes enhancing trade and the speed of fleets has been incorporated.

I'm not saying they copied Crusade, I would rather state that great minds think alike, because there are only so many ways you could create a game of this magnitude, and be successful! Cheers to the folks at Petroglyph for making the first RTS for Star Wars that is excellent. I have no doubt that it will be a contender for game of the year!

Battle Front II
September 14, 2005
It has been a few months since my last post, but I'm still alive and kicking.

For those who don't know, there is still 1 discussion continuing on the forums regarding a new program that MysticViper is working on.

In other Star Wars news, Lucas Arts is set to release the sequel to Battle Front. No interesting new names, they are just calling it Battle Front II; however, the game it self looks very promising because it's adding what look to be large scale space battles! Unfortunately, there are only a few flyable fighters it seems.

For more information, view the official site here

Empire At War
January 25, 2005
Just as Crusade III looks like it will be coming to an end, Lucas Arts has released details on an up coming RTS game that will perhaps replace crusade. This is great news!

Hopefully the game will fall somewhere between the games Rebellion and Force Commander with full 3D battles in space, and on the ground. If you are wondering how the ground battles will be, have no fear because the same people who worked at Westwood/ EA studios (Command & Conquer, the Dune RTS' for example) are creating this game.

The real question is going to be how the space battles and resource management will be handled.

It sounds like the space battles will have a similar style that Rebellion had, so it won't be like Crusade in that manner. As for resource management: no word yet, but I personally hope they just copy what we here at Crusade have developed, but also implement all the things that were just not possible without automation (examples: ability to set the tax rate, manage convoys carrying resources, etc...)

If you are not excited yet, go check out the interview Game Spot did with the Petroglyph team by clicking here. The Empire at War mini site can be found here.

My post on the Empire At War forum can be found here.

Anyone Able To Take Over Tournament For Me?
January 22, 2005
I'm looking for someone to take over running the tournament for me. No pay, and you have to know html, flash, and how to use AlliED to create large one sector battles.

Please email me at swcrusade@hotmail if interested.

KV Message Board Moved
December 21, 2004
For some reason, the Knights of Valor's message board changed URL's. For those looking for it, it's new location is http://gxboards.lithium.com/messages/overview.asp?name=KnightsofValorGaming

New Comic Posted
December 04, 2004
Its been a long night, but I got a few more things done! One of them being a new page for my web comic! Since it is a new month, there is a good chance to get into the top 100, but everyone will have to vote! Right now the comic is sitting in the top 300, but it won't take much to push into the top 200!

I also have been trying to sort out the mess that is the current state of the tournament. Right now there is a potential for four battles. I think only two will happen, but I have to wait to see.

Another thing of interest is that swcrusade.net is now on its new super powered server! The message board and this news area have been undisturbed which is great! Big thanks to the folks at Doteasy for the flawless transfer!

Half Life 2: Use the Force...err Gravity Gun
I just completed what people are calling the game of the year - and I have to admit, it was a lot of fun!

Story Line

You are once again Gordon Freeman, and you are told by a mystical man simply called the Gman that you are needed because things have gone haywire with the world. Well actually he says "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference." You definitely get the idea that everything is screwed up once you step off the train and move into City 17.

You are quickly reacquainted with some old friends (that somehow survived Half Life 1), and they explain what your objectives are throughout the game. Unfortunately, no one ever explains the back story for you, the characters just assume you know. This made it difficult to get into game, giving me the feeling that I entered a movie an hour after it had begun.

Game Play

If this game had been released on September 30th, 2003 like it was supposed to have been, the graphics would have blown me away. But compared to Far Cry and Doom III, there is nothing special. In fact the textures on the characters faces look kind of bad.

The physics of the game live up to the hype though - and no where is this better displayed then in the 50 foot tall striders. It really is amazing to watch a strider walk around (just don't get too awe struck that you end up under one of its feet).

Another amazing part of the game is the gravity gun. For those who have played the Jedi Knight series, and enjoyed picking up and hurtling your foes over a cliff - you are going to love the advanced gravity gun! Since the villain's henchmen look like storm troopers, you might actually feel like you are playing another game in the Jedi Knight series. Unfortunately, you only get the advanced gravity gun near the end of the game.

Final Impressions

At first I wasn't very impressed with the graphics or the game play as it was all stuff that I had seen before. The vehicles were cool because of how "realistically" they moved, but the amount of time you had to use them made some levels boring. The phrase "Are we there yet?" was actually going through my head for a time.

When not in a vehicle, it was typical run and gun type of stuff. It wasn't until just before the Follow Freeman level that I really got into the game. What happened that caused this to happen you ask?

In the middle of a fire fight, when we were pinned down, suddenly one of the NPC's turned to me and actually looked worried and uncertain. You have to see it to believe it as this blew me away! The amount of detail put into the expressions of the characters didn't seem all that special until that moment, and from that point onward I felt like a soldier in the resistance, bent on toppling the villain.

Overall Half Life 2 is an excellent game! It is not quite as good as KotOR, but I would definitely say it was as good as Jedi Knight II.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Character emotions bring you into the story
-The enemy AI isnít stupid
-Vehicles are a hell of a lot of fun to drive
-Multiplayer is awesome, and you get Counter Strike: Source for free!

-Long load times
-You have to spend too much time in the vehicles
-Takes a while to get into the game due to the lack of a back story
-There were a lot of cheaters in the original Counter Strike, and I am guessing they will all migrate to the new online games

New comic!
November 24, 2004
It has been over 3 months, but today I added a new comic :D

Rules Update
November 14, 2004
I am correcting the rule regarding stealing enemy ships. The calculation used to be: (Random Number {1-6} * (Diplomacy + Space Combat)) / (Random Number{6 - 18} * Ground Command) = (success > 1)

Now it is: (Random Number {1-6} * (Diplomacy + Space Combat)) / (Random Number{6 - 18} * Space Combat) = (success > 1)

I also updated the Rebel's manual so that now all the common pool freighters are as fast as everyone else's and the Rebels can now build both the Ravens Claw Light transport, and Seafire starfighter.

CIS 112
October 01, 2004
I just sent of the next CIS, I have to say it was a tough one to do because of all the orders but also because of all the potential battles about to take place. Hopefully things will run smooth this turn and we can have it done in a week.

In gaming news, Half Life 2 is apparently coming out on November 23rd. That is right, the game many people paid for last year, including my self, is going to make it just in time for the holidays! Too bad its graphics do not compare well to Doom 3 and Far Cry. Here are 44 screen shots from Half Life 2.

I'm leaving comments open btw for the first few days in case someone wants to say something besides crappy and completely unwanted ads for you know what... Seriously I would sue the guy that keeps posting those comments if I knew where he was since this site is meant to be family friendly.

Battle 18 Now Available
September 29, 2004
After several hours of toil, I was able to put battle 18 together and I must say I am rather proud of it. I added some messages for events, and even added global goals for each side (note if you want to gain points fast, just sit in the observer T-w and watch). You may download battle 18 now in the combat section of this site.

In other news, If you are currently looking for a new video card, I still recommend an ATI card for XWA over anything NVIDIA has to offer because at 800x600 (the resolution we use in the tournament), the in game text goes all blurry if you use an NVIDIA card. NVIDIA please fix this bug now! As I said, until NVIDIA gets it's drivers 100% again, go buy an ATI 9800 Pro - it's an excellent buy!

Also, AMD has taken the performance crown away from Intel. The new AMD FX 55 chip smokes the new Intel P4 3.8GHz chip in Doom III. Neither chip has been released yet to the general public, but I have seen the early benchmarks, and they look good for AMD! (Just make sure you get a socket 939 motherboard for the new AMD chip).

Battle 17...and 18
September 10, 2004
Battle 17 has been posted for download, and hopefully will be played this week. I just realized that there should also be a battle 18, but that will have to wait till after I return... I'll be away till the 17th camping in a far away land called Algonquin Park. I'm told there will be no toilets and I can only bring 2 days worth of clothing. Should be fun! */sarcasm*

It has been a very long time since I last posted news, but I've been busy! One thing that keeps popping up is this very annoying auto commenting script that is forcing me to go back through all posts and delete them, and then close the news stories for comments. Won't these cheap low-life's get a real job?

The Hand of Guilo!
August 01, 2004
After sending out CIS 110, I decided to create another comic strip.

Remember to vote!

After Battle Reports Sent
July 24, 2004
General Trageton, (aka Blue_Phantom) has been posting some teaser in game pictures of his new Capital ship the Patriot Frigate. Check it out, its damn cool!

I just sent out CIS 109 again with the updated data. Many ships lost, but not as many as there could have been... CIS 110 should be out sOOn.

In other news, the Buzz Awards (best web comics) were announced. Congratulations to all the winners! Maybe next year I will get nominated for my web comic?... stop laughing ;)

Darksaber's New URL
July 14, 2004
On July 12th, Darksaber moved his site to http://www.darksaber.gaylenol.com/ so please update your bookmarks. I also updated the Crusade 3 craft pack page to include the Uninstaller, so if you need it, go get it.

Also, the Knights of Valor message board is back online!

Battles 15 & 16 Available
July 08, 2004
It has been a while, but both battles 15 and 16 are now available for download. Battle 16 has actually already been flown, while battle 15 is awaiting a host. If you can be a host for the battle, please post on the message boards. We need a host because I am leaving for a camping trip, and will not be back until the 11th.

In other news, Darksaber has made changes to his site and now uses the same nav as swcrusade.net :) I think it looks great (everyone who doesn't will be shot ;) Also a few new XWAU OPTs have been released.

The KV message board has vanished, and KV Honor is hoping to setup a new one soon. If you are a former KV member, feel free to post on the swcrusade.net forums until something permanent can be put together.

Seth (A.K.A. IK Starwolf), has been busy putting together a new album with his band Brandywine and has a cool website for those interested. Demo music should be available soon. From what I have heard so far its cool stuff. Reminds me a tiny bit of The Guess Who.

CIS 109
June 3, 2004
It has been a long time since I sent out a CIS, but I think people are getting used to the long waits... I am back from Cuba, and yes I did have a good time!

While I have been ill, I have been playing a lot of Planetside and even made a video. To download it, click here

Where am I contest!
May 17, 2004
For those that do not know, I am on vacation! Guess where I am :D

Your hints: Its an Island in the Carribean not many US citizens will ever visit.

The winner gets 100 credits. For posting your first guess you get 50 credits (if you win you 'only' get the 100 credits. Post entries here on the news page by using the comments option.

Good luck!

Comments Um... you only left one hint, not hints. But I am gonna have to go with Dominican Republic.

Posted by: BLESS_Erik at May 17, 2004 09:19 PM

Or maybe Haiti. You never said how many guesses and I wanted to guess those 2 before anyone else did. And this is not my final answer, but I will think about this one tomorrow, could you possibly give a size or something?

Posted by: BLESS_Erik at May 17, 2004 09:22 PM

Well I would be a fool if I did not say CUBA!

He left 2 hints:
1- Island in the Caribbean
2- Not many U.S. Citizens will ever visit

Answer - CUBA
It is where he said and we can't visit there.

Posted by: KV_Honor at May 17, 2004 11:33 PM

Oh sorry. And yeah I could see that one and was thinking it too. You know, I think your right. However, Haiti is poor and has like no relation to the US. Cuba, at least some americans have family there and visit.

Posted by: BLESS_Erik at May 18, 2004 02:23 PM

I woulda said Cuba first.

Posted by: Ravage at May 19, 2004 08:42 AM


Posted by: CHA_Vlajeh at May 22, 2004 02:15 PM

Honor wins!

The few Americans that 'visit' Cuba go to guard prisoners at Guantanamo Bay of course.

Both Erik and Vlajeh kept posting and guessed correct by the end so they will get 100 credits each ^_^

The whole point of the contest was to check to see if the posting comments thing worked and it does! Thanks guys!

And yes, this means I am back from that little communist paradise. Resort was really nice and I had a great time playing water polo and looking at all the very fine woman who worked really hard at getting rid of tan lines...

Posted by: Griffin at May 23, 2004 02:27 PM

The End is Near!
May 14, 2004
BLESS just had a spectacular turn, and is now only 3 planets away from winning the tournament! The map has been updated, and I sent out CIS 108 earlier today.

In X-Wing news, the XWAU team has released the new OPT for space colony 2. It looks awesome! Good job General Trageton!

] And in other news, I'm going to be going away for a bit, so hopefully Blades or Ravage can take over while I am gone.

Darksaber is Back!
May 4, 2004
After a major computer breakdown, Darksaber has recovered and has released yet another awesome OPT! He is currently working on a new version of the craft pack which will include the upgraded Corellian Gunship. We already use an upgraded Gunship, but this new one is even better! Darksaber also created a Crusade III craft pack uninstaller which is available off a link in the forums. When I get the time I will put a link to the file on the utilities page.

Col. Fishguts(?) over at the XWAU has released an upgraded Imperial Escort Carrier. You can find a link to it in their forums.

Tycho from Penny-Arcade pointed a link to the XWA Upgrade web site, and then responded to an e-mail from yours truly and added a link to Darksaber's web site. Since I am the host of both the XWAU ships and the craft pack, I can tell you there has been a big increase in downloads these past few days!

In the world of hardware, ATI is set to release its latest video card today, the X800 Pro, which although is as fast as the new NVIDIA card (the 6800 Ultra), it still only has 96 bit precision and PS 2.0 instead of 128 bit precision and PS 3.0. What this means is that in a year from now when new games are released that take advantage of this new technology, the NVIDIA cards will be not only blow away the ATI cards in fps, but they should also have much better image quality too. However, there is a rumour that NVIDIA might have used a cheat, so don't go off and buy the new NVIDIA hardware yet.

In other news, I just finished my last exam and now get to house-sit my girlfriends pets (a turtle and a bunny). I never knew how hard it was to clean a huge turtle tank till now... Never let your children buy a turtle! Rabbit cages are much easier to clean!

Oh, I also updated the Galactic map and sent out CIS 107. Enjoy!

Athlon 64's Getting Faster?!
April 27, 2004
AMD has realized that the new Prescott core P4's are indeed going to be fast so it is now shipping its 3200+ chips with 2.2GHz instead of 'only' 2GHz. The new chips only have 512K of L2 though instead of 1MB. No other chips have been altered yet, but I assume the 3400+ chip will be bumped up to 2.4GHz and also lose half its L2 cache.

In tournament news, I am just waiting for BLESS to let me know what is going to happen.

CIS 106 Sent
April 19, 2004
Woohoo! Its 9:30am EST right now and I just finished CIS 106! Its only been like a month since the last CIS right? hehe well I hope to have a bit more time over the next two weeks to do Crusade.

There might be a fun battle coming up! Check the map, lots of changes! And CHA took a planet from FTS!

April 19, 2004
*phew* only one more exam to go!

Happy Easter!
April 11, 2004
Just wanted to say Happy Easter is all :) I just got back from a trip to Toronto, now I get to finish an essay. Ugg... I hope to do the CIS' s00n.

New Site Fully Functional!
March 31, 2004
It's ... It's ... alive! And I can update it from where ever I like too! This new setup means that others, besides myself, can post here just as I promised back on the old forum, bless its soul.

How do you all like the new site layout? If you have problems, you can post on the forums, or you can post a comment to this news item! Very cool. Also for those that like the new quick links section, but want different URL's, just ask and I'll add them. The ones I chose are just ones I thought up off the top of my head.

Turn 100 Updates Complete!
Februrary 19th, 2004
As I am writing this, I have just completed the final rule update to the tournament and am getting ready to do CIS 100. I know a lot of small things have changed, but overall the tournament is still the same just that your strategy might be a bit different then before. For those wondering why the extensive update: there were too many elements in the tournament that required arbitrary dicisions, hopefully I was able to get rid of most of these pests.

As some people might have noticed, the domian swcrusade.com was not functional over the last two days. The reason is because of the people I registered the domain name with, they sent me an explanation:

Hello Sir,

Please accept our kind apologies. Obviously there is a misunderstanding during the tranfer of our existing customers to the new servers.

I will send you access to the domain management.

The DNSes were reset to the old ones.

I will block the web hosting account, as far as you do not use our services anymore.

If still any questions/troubles don't hesitate to contact me again.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


Turn 100 Rule Updates Part 1
February 1st, 2004
I made a lot of rule updates and added quite a few new spaces stations, light transports, freighters and ground structures. Sorry still not done, I need to add the new capital ships and fighters next, and I am also going to update the combat page a little more.

IO posted on the XWAU forums that he has released some battles for the TIE Fighter conversion. I tried them and they work flawlessly with the Crusade 3 Craft pack. I also learned that ATRs can be used in XWA to reload craft! I'll update the rules to include this feature for ATRs in future battles! The TIE Fighter conversion page can be found by clicking here.

To Slag or Not to Slag
January 28th, 2004
As I said I would on the forums, I have updated the rules to include the ability to turn a world to slag. I also updated the rules of the Interdictor, ground structures, and cities!

Craft Library Complete
January 27th, 2004
Well it is as complete as it needs to be for the rest of Crusade 3 which is why I posted it. I am aware not everything is perfect, but I do not have the time to go over it all again, so if you spot an error, no matter how tiny, post it on the librarys message board!

If anyone is wondering, to add one ship it took me approximately eight minutes. There are 220 ships! The eight minutes takes into account the design and many bugs I had to squish throughout the librarys development. I hope some people get some use out of it. A big thanks goes once again to Darksaber who provided all the high resolution 600x450 pictures!

January 22nd, 2004
I wanted a change from working on the craft library so I posted some banners, which of course can be found under the banners page. Because Flash 7 does not let me use .jpg files on this site, what you see here are in .swf format; however, I uploaded .jpg versions so when you paste the code into your site, you will be getting .jpg's. I also figured out how to get the site to scale properly in Firebird 0.7 so its not just IE 6.0 friendly any more!

All Your Base Are Belong To CHA
January 20th, 2004
The Imperial Knights have surrendered. After 99 turns of fighting hard against the rebels the Imperial Knights have left the tournament, and we have decided to give almost all their bases to CHA. The map has been updated to reflect this take over - if anyone has questions please ask on the message board.

Happy New Year!
January 2nd, 2004
Welcome to 2004 year everyone - I hope it is much better than 2003! Since the server is now back up to full power, I have made the Crusade 3 craft pack available again. You can get it from the Downloads page. The file now has its own 20 Gig server, leaving the 40 Gig server for Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack.

In Tournament news: I am adding in new features to the game. Please read the forums to find out what they are, for I cannot possibly put them all here on the news page. If you think you have a good idea, or want to want something fixed that is bugging you, please let me know!

Rule Updates
December 30th, 2003
After sending out CIS 98 again after an error with my email returned them all (doh) I updated the prices for craft in the manual, and added in the new Advanced Factory, while at the same time removing the old normal Factory. Reasons for this can be found on the message board.

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas; the New Year is quickly approaching which means the servers will be back up to full strength enabling all too once again download the Crusade 3 Craft pack and Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack. Apparently the other mirror sites have also crashed which is a testament to how great the craft packs are! Thank you again Darksaber! :)

Also if you haven't done so already - go pick up a copy of Knights of the Old Republic - it is absolutely amazing and will remind you why Star Wars rocks! (while Star Trek sucks, hehe I just had to put that in: sorry to any Trekers out there).

Can't Wait For 2004!
December 15th, 2003
The tournament's mirror site swcrusade.org just ran out of bandwidth (well it has about 500MB left which is why you can read this). This means no one will be able to download the Crusade 3 Craft pack until January. If you need it and are in the tournament, contact me and I will find some way of getting it to you. Otherwise, sit tight.

Mozilla Firebird is Not my Friend
December 4th, 2003
Unfortunately due to a bug in Mozilla firebird which refuses to recognize percent tags in html, I have returned the site to its normal state meaning it will remain the same size regardless of what resolution your monitor is. Until the good people who make Mozilla fix the bug, no re-sizing crusade page for you!

In other news, the good folks over at the SW Combine look like they finally have their game ready to begin. Most people gave up years ago (like me), but it is good to see that there were a core of dedicated guys and girls who kept their dream of a massive RPG alive. Now if only I could get this tournament automated...

Back Online
December 3rd, 2003
Demand for Darksaber's craft pack went above and beyond expected demand. Within two days, 19.5 Gigabites of the file had been downloaded. Since my server only permits 20 Gig per month, the site went down. We still have 500 MB's of space left for the month which should be enough for normal operation. If you have any problems, please post on the forums.

One other thing, while the web site was down, you might have noticed a new index page. Many people were reporting troubles viewing this site. Now they won't be able to click through to this news page unless they have download Flash Player 7. I also took the liberty of fixing some bugs in the code. The page should now work at all resolutions starting at 1024x768. If anything looks odd, let me know. Lower resolutions will have problems. If there is demand for it, I will make a 800x600 compatible page.

Crusade 3 Craft Pack Released!
December 1st, 2003
That's right! The final version of the Crusade 3 craft pack has arrived, and is now available for download! Although we have been using an unoffical version for the past couple of battles, now that the offical one is ready for download, I request all who are participating in the tournament download Darksaber's latest creation. In it are several updates including a new cloackshape fighter, Escort shuttle, and an updated MC-40!

With regards to the message board, it looks like someone used a loop-hole in the code to break in and get the passwords. Since it seems like I setup the new forum properly, it will become our permanent forum :)

New Message Board
November 28th, 2003
After sending out CIS 94, I went back to the message board, and am tired to seeing "h4x0red" so I put up a temporary message board. I also took the music off the main page if you are wondering what happened to it. I might put it on again if it is requested.

Some One Angry
November 26th, 2003
It would have been another uneventful day, but since someone angry at life destroyed our message board I guess I'll have to do something different then just sitting on my butt and filling out the CIS'. I've been waiting for someone from IK to get online, but they are no where to be found (most likely playing Star Wars Galaxies), so I cannot regain control of the forum. I don't have a backup plan, but perhaps I should develop one.

In other news, Battle 12 was finished over the weekend and wow! What a cool battle! More TIE Defenders dead then in any battle before it! CIS 94 should be sent out sometime tonight or tomorrow. I have two essays due next Tuesday so I don't have much time.

Links Page Now Online!
November 9th, 2003
Using the tools my hosting company provides, I have created a new links page! Normally this is nothing special, so why am I so happy about it? Simple, because of some scripting my host has mastery over, people can now update the links page them selves and not wait for me!

In Tournament news, it is currently turn 91 and FTS has stumbled into what could be a devastating trap setup by BLESS. The battle promises to be a big one with the balance of power at stake.

Manual Updates
November 6th, 2003
Rain, sleet, snow, exams, and uhh... lack of sleep has really beaten me down lately, but I managed to find the energy to update the Imperial, Rebel, and New Factions manuals. The links as always to the manuals can be found at the side. The main changes were adding the Plt/FAC, altering the cost of the J-w to 11 credits from 13 because its stats have changed since we first started. Also the MC-90 is now properly labelled the D/CRS where as the Dauntless Battle Cruiser is now the DBC.

There are new models for the Nebulon B Frigate coming soon, and they are a bit more realistic then Totally Games OPT's, so I feel comfortable allowing the Neb's to carry 24 fighters now. As a consequence, the price went up 10 credits. You will not be charged this 10 credits if you already own one.

Since I have not been able to finish the craft library as quickly as I had hoped to, I moved those critical stats that everyone wants to see right into the manuals - you will no longer have to go hunting to see what ship can carry what, or how fast they can move in hyperspace.

Uploaded New Site
October 28th, 2003
I have placed the site in the main directory now for all to see. I know it is unfinished but since the old site was horribly broken, I figured no one would be hurt except for small animals that get in the way of peoples fist as they smash their desks in frustration at not being able to see the Staff Page.

No Buttons For You!
October 25th, 2003
For the past few hours I've been trying to decide upon a new design for the site. Well actually its been a bit longer then that lol. I think going all flash will be beneficial because ... it just will be okay! Untill I'm happy, I'm not placing any links (such as ones pointing to the message board) on the page since that would take extra work.

New Server
October 17th, 2003
As many know, I switched servers (from lonex back to doteasy), When I went to upload the site again to the doteasy server, I was surprised to see all the old files still there! Last time these files were updated was March 26th! I'm only going to update the map and news for now because I'm going to be upgrading to the Ultimate hosting package they offer, and that means moving to a new server (but within the same company of course).

Since I'm working on a new craft library, (and some other little surprises), I'll let everyone wait till after the 23rd to see what I've been up to.

Battle 11 Posted
September 29th, 2003
Its taken a while but finally battle 11 is ready for download.  CHA and IK now can post times when they will be available to fly this battle.

Interdictor Rule Update
September 6th, 2003
Turn 83: As Blades has been doing the CIS', I've been checking out the rules and helping him along in case there are any snags.  Well, we found 3 thus far.  The first being that I never put in writing that if you try a persuade mission and there is an enemy battalion on the planet, the mission automatically fails.  Also if there are 4 or more enemy battalions when you attempt this particular mission, then your VIP will be captured.

The second problem deals with the Interdictor.  Normally when small craft like the shuttle enter a sector, they are not detected by the enemy unless the enemy has set up a Satellite.  However, the new rule is that if an Interdictor has its gravity wells activated it too can detect enemy ships as they are pulled out of hyperspace and into a trap.  If the clan with the Interdictor attacks, no mission will be made unless there is at least 50 credits worth of enemy "transport craft".   Remember, if there is a capital/ freighter class ship in the fleet, then there must be a battle.  If no capital/ freighter class ship, then there is choice.

The third change is to Ion Batteries and Bombardments.  Blades thought that if you can destroy a shield generator with a ground assault (you must destroy one enemy battalion to do so), then it would be cool if you could destroy an Ion Battery with a Bombardment assuming you destroyed 1 enemy battalion.  I think this is a good idea and have placed it in the rules.  If any one has any questions, please ask on the message board.

Oh, BTW I just checked the statistics for this web sites usage and must say I was amazed to see that we have about 25 visitors a day drop by and view this web page.  The stats can be viewed here:  http://www.swcrusade.com/stats.htm

New Game Master
September 4th, 2003
Turn 82: Unfortunately while playing hockey on August 31st, I moved the wrong way and dislocated my right shoulder.  Doing the CIS' is slow enough as it is, but with only one hand things would grind to a permanent halt.  Thankfully Blades has stepped forward and is now running the tournament.

Manual Updated!
August 2nd, 2003
It has been a while, and since I had nothing else to do tonight, I sat down and re-wrote the manual in the hopes of making it clearer, and far more thorough. I also added about 5 more rules such as the role transports have in ground assaults, the effect battalions have on defence against clandestine attacks, and even created a new facility called the planetary factory!

Battle 8&9
August 1st, 2003
The Imperial Knights and BLESS are up to it again; this time twice in the same turn! Both combat missions are now available for download.

Battle 7: When SSD's Meet
July 1st, 2003
BLESS has decided to attack IK in sector J11!  This is the first time that I can remember where 2 SSD's square off against each other.  Another first is that the battle was ordered, arranged, and programmed all within the same night!  Now all we need to do is get BLESS and IK to fly it.

The battle is available for download early because I won't be available tomorrow.

URL Back online!
June 27th, 2003
After several months of waiting, I was finally able to get swcrusade.com back! All the features have been setup again including the old Crusade 2 site with all the battles created for that tournament.

Temporary Site Available
April 25th, 2003
Battles are now all flown, and we are now at turn 55. With the loss of the URL swcrusade.com, I have set up a temporary site at http://swcrusade.ionichost.com (beware the evil pop-under which is driving me mad!).  Once I can order swcrusade.com again, this temp site is toast!

I should be thankful though, it does give me a place to put the map and rules for everyone to see.

Battle 4 and 5 Now Available!
March 26th, 2003
It took a while, but anything worth doing isn't easy. Both battles should be challenging to even the best pilots. The battles are very straight forward - Blow up the Interdictors to save what is left of the rebellion!

May the force be with you!

Two New Battles
March 17th, 2003
Turn 54: looks like we will be putting the crusade 3 xmod to good use, as two Imperial fleets have decided to attack two of CHA's task forces.  The out come of the battles might be impossible to tell at this point.  I am awaiting the battle orders from all clans involved.   BTW: battle 3 has been posted for all to download (and enjoy).

Second Battle Complete
March 11th, 2003
Turn 53: Now for the Third battle between BLESS and FTS. This one should be a lot like the first battle. I am expecting it to be done by Friday.

In other news, I have decided to remove my modified VSDII from the downloads page.  I want to make it clear that if you are going to fly in a Crusade battle, you only need to download the Crusade 3 xmod, and the Crusade 3 extras file.  Do not download, and/ or install the VSD II xmod over top of the Crusade 3 xmod.  The settings are slightly different between the VSD II in the Crusade 3 xmod and the individual VSD II xmod I made - it is this minor change which will cause heavy lag.

For those just surfing the net and not part of the Crusade 3 tournament (I've gotten 4 emails asking thus far), No: you may not download the Crusade 3 xmod.  Only those in a clan, and playing in the tournament right now may download the Crusade 3 xmod.  You can find all the ships in the xmod (or links to the ships) at http://www.darksaber.freeserve.co.uk/ and http://www.xwaupgrade.com/

Crusade 3 xmod Released!
February 28th, 2003
Let me just start off by saying that Darksaber did a fantastic job creating the new official Crusade 3 xmod as well as the new Crusade 3 Extra files. Please proceed to the ships/ utilities page and download both.  I hope everyone realizes that this means the break is now over!  I will have the upcoming battle ready within the next 48 hours: to those clans that are involved - get ready to rumble!

First Blood
January 21st, 2003
Turn 47: BLESS has entered FTS space, and encountered a garrison that doesn't want to surrender peacefully.  You can download the battle now from the "Real Combat!" page which can be accessed on the side menu.  We expect that the battle will be flown at 5pm today.

VSDII Xmod Released
January 4th, 2003
Turn 32: after a lot of research and practice, I finally was able to create the VSDII xmod, and have put it up for download.  You can find it by clicking on the utilities button on the side bar.  I also created a new practice mission, which features the improved VSDII.  If you encounter any problems, please post them on the message board.

Happy New Year!
January 2nd, 2003
Turn 29: Holy cow, I couldn't believe it - everyone got their orders in before 2pm on December 31st!  I hope we can keep this pace up throughout the new year.

Since there have been a few errors made regarding Sector Mines, I have updated the rules in the hopes of avoiding future problems.

Test Your Metal
December 29th, 2002
Turn 24: After the Christmas break, I decided to start work on another practice mission.  Ravage gave me the idea of adding a special surprise in this one.  If you can survive, let me know =)

Training Missions Available
December 22nd, 2002
Turn 20: I uploaded the training missions page - those from Crusade 2 will remember the battles; however, I did add a new one. If you have any questions, post on the forums. Remember, I am the guy that figured out how to install multiplayer skirmish missions, so I am the one to ask if you, or someone else has a problem.

Downloads and Utilities
December 19th, 2002
Well, we are now at turn 17, and things are looking up! The map has been constantly updated, and now that the clans territories are starting to overlap, I think it is time to upload the NCA 2.0 beta patch so all the clans can download it. Please click on the "Utilities" button which is on the side bar under "Downloads". If you have any problems, please post on the forums. After you have installed that, please head on over to http://www.xwaupgrade.com and download all their updates.  For those that don't know, in order to install an XMOD, you need the Xwing Install System version 2.7 (XIS) which can be found at http://www.flyingtemple.com/

Turn 10
December 11th, 2002
The first pay day has arrived for the clans, so they are now busy wondering what to buy (or perhaps they already know). ISD's, Mon Cals, and snub fighters oh my!

Tiny Alteration...
December 4th, 2002
The 3rd CIS has been sent out, and I realized that the build time for Freighters was not correct. You can now build a lot more Freighters then you could before. Remember: Read the manual, and your faction specific manual! Also when talking about what your going to research, if you want AI researched, use the word "Level" and if you want newer ships researched, use the word "generation." I think someone already got the two words mixed up but I'm not going to mention it to them unless they notice it.

Always check your CIS to make sure it is as it should be.

The Peace has Come to an End.  Let the Chaos Begin!
December 1st, 2002
Crusade 3 has officially Started!  I just sent out the first CIS', and expect orders to come within 24 hours.  The map has been updated, (I added the planet Falleen at H9).

Remember: no attacks for the first 10 turns.

Beta Results Posted
November 18th, 2002
It is true - I have finally made available the orders and CIS' of the beta (Aug 28th - Sept 10th). The link to these documents can be found on the side navigation menu. If you have any questions, please post them in the forums.

C3 Starting Date Set: December 1st
November 13th, 2002
Not only has the starting date been set, but I also updated the rules so they reflect the latest decisions made on the forums.  The highlight is the change to build times.  I also separated the Freighters from the Light Transports in the Faction manuals, and updated the craft library a bit.

More Changes
October 20th, 2002
I altered some of the rules again today, some major, some minor (as always).  The changes were prompted because there will be no CIS program for C3, (in other words, the staff will have to do it manually).  As you can imagine, I want things as easy as possible.  I might even take away maintenance costs in a future change.... 

Today's highlights: Jedi and Sith apprentices gone, buying & selling simplified, VIP skill points altered, production limits placed on FAC's, Research times changed, and a few other things. I've fenced in the rabid dogs, so please feel free to go over the rules, and post your comments on the forum.

Rules Updated
October 6th, 2002
In a fit of madness, I ripped through the rules, and edited every page which I felt needed some fixing up.  The largest of my changes is the total deletion of the ability to alter taxes.  My reason is simple: its just too damn complicated.  If at some point in time in the future, we can some how get the CIS working, I might add the ability to alter tax rates back in.  Another major change was to the amount skill points it takes to level up your VIP.  It is now 0 = level 1.  2 = level 2.  6 = level 3.  11 = level 4.  17 = level 5. 25 = level 6.

Should anyone have any questions and or comments on my changes, please post a message in the Crusade 3 forum.  Rabid attack dogs will be released once you have done so.

Thank you =)

Old News Archived
October 3rd, 2002
Now that the beta is complete, I wanted to start a fresh news page.  Besides that, I created a printer-friendly ship list for everyone to use.  http://www.swcrusade.com/downloads/shiplisting.htm

Beta Complete
September 17th, 2002
I just finished sending out CIS 10, (while watching the movie The Fugitive) which means C3's beta is officially over.  I apologize for the delay, I was away for the past week because my gf was moving, and I wanted to be there to help.  The  map has also been updated, but be warned, you won't be able to tell who was actually doing better.  I will post CIS' from the 3 participating clans in the near future.

Overall, I'd say the Beta was successful.  I learned many things, (especially what to fix in the rules), and also that I cannot possibly do the whole thing manually.  We need automation!  Petition your local representative to get off their arses and create some kind of a law which forces IK Faceless and Warlord to make the program!  (Or if you can get Lucas Arts to make it, I'll be fine with that too)    =)

C3 Beta Has Begun!
August 27th, 2002
At 12:45am, I sent out the first CIS to each clan participating (CHA, IK, FTS) in the Beta.  I know we only have 3 clans in the Beta, but it is enough since this is a shake down for the rules (and learning experience for the clans), and not the real thing.  It should be taken seriously, and I hope the clans push the limits of the rules, trying to find loop-holes or other nasty things that got past my "ever vigil eyes" =)

Be sure to keep your eye on the map during the next few days to watch the progress.

Beta News: Choose Your Home World
August 19th, 2002
FTS & CHA have both chosen their home worlds for the beta test, and we are waiting on 2 more clans to get their selections in. They must submit 4 choices, and cannot be near enemy home worlds. I have decided to give the clans until the 25th to get ready for the Beta test. The reason being that 2 of them asked for some more time. After that, I'll just start the Beta, and have some fun!  (You can check the map to see where the clans have chosen to start.)

Happy Birthday Blades!
August 11th, 2002
It is that time of the year again when we all get out our party hats, and wish Blades a very happy birthday!  *blows party whistle, and tosses a water balloon at him for good measure, before getting pelted by a few dozen him self*   =)

Crusade 3 Beta - "Take two"
July 22nd, 2002
I have altered the map so that all planets are neutral again since it was suggested on the forums that we try and have a Beta Crusade again.  Hopefully this would start on the 8th of August.  If you and your clans are  interested, post on the forums saying so.

Buy, Sell, and make profit off others!
July 17th, 2002
In the manual regarding Tournament rules, I posted the page that deals with Buying and Selling.  I did it the way I did to prevent cheating in one way or another.  Of course nothing is full proof, but I believe this is the best way to do it.  VIP's gain no experience by doing this; however, if you have an opinion please state it on the forums.

July 17th, 2002
Nothing new with Crusade unfortunately.  This is because I downloaded a virus while trying to get the game: American Army.  It trashed my HD's data so I was left with nothing, but a back-up disk I made on June 14th.  Fortunately it had most of the flash files on it but as you might notice, the side bars text is a little different since I had to use a much older version.

On the forums, a new message board area "Thrawn Trilogy Ship set" has been started up and is hosted for Flavid so be sure to check it out.  Besides that I am just working on getting the "Buying & Selling" rules page written.

Happy 4th of July!
July 4th, 2002
Well the fireworks should be great today, so get out side and look up at the sky or turn on your TV (like I have to cause I live in Canada), and watch the fireworks that way :)

I have also updated the Factions manuals to include ground structures, build time for everything, and also altered the Planetary Mines rules, so that they now have no expiry date.

Happy Canada Day!
July 1st, 2002
*blows up something to celebrate*  Another birthday for Canada, w00t!  Let us see if we can make it another year with out America invading us :)  In other news, uhh... I've been..... uhh.   *reads old note to self:  don't tell others that you have been lazy* opps...

Rebel, Imperial, & New Factions Manual's Posted!
June 23rd, 2002
After a couple marathons of hard work and discipline, I have finished all 3 Faction specific manuals!   w00t!   Remember, these are not located in the normal manual, but are instead placed in the upper navigation area, along side the Craft Library, and Old Crusade Site links.

In other news, the IK server was just updated *I think* and runs a bit faster now.  Also I have been working on some other rules for the Crusade 3 manual: regarding buying, selling, and trading between clans.  Also, I spoke with the lead IK programmer tonight, and he felt that 3 months was a good guest-a-met regarding the completion of the CIS program.  I'm sure if we pressure IK enough we can get it done in 2.  Lets start an email campaign to encourage them along! :)

Two New Pages
June 21st, 2002
Thanks in large part to Ravage, I created two new pages in the manual: Satellites, and Fighters with Hyper-Drives (HD-Fighters).  If you have any further questions, please ask!  Remember now is the time to put in your 2 cents.  On a side note, I also remembered that I need to do another page.  More to come soon.

KV Sailing Off Into The Sunset
June 18th, 2002
It is a sad day for Star Wars Clans, as the Knights of Valor have been officially disbanded.  Started back when X-wing vs. TIE Fighter was new, KV was an elite group of gamers which accomplished many things, but most importantly formed friendships that will last a long time.  KV won many events during BattleStats' Week Of War tournaments, tied for first place at the end of the first Crusade tournament, and as everyone knows, won Crusade 2.  KV leaves quite a legacy, and I personally will miss hearing of the Valorous' conquests and triumphs.  If you wish to visit the KV message board, click on this link, and leave a personal message. 

Honor and Courage in the face of Adversity!

Manual Complete
June 14th, 2002
*Three Cheers!* I just posted the Pirates & Terminology pages in the manual, meaning it is now complete.  Now all that is left is the Faction specific manuals.

Taxes ownz joo!
June 13th, 2002
Okay well maybe my Internet language skills need work, but I wanted to let everyone know that I posted the page explaining taxes.  Go to the manual (of course) for more.

June 13th, 2002
Ravage asked me to make him a flash movie for his class, but I only had a couple hours to do it. I just finished it, and if you want to view this piece of work, click HERE. It's 450k, and not exactly my best work, but for only 3 hours, I think I did alright.

Two More Pages Done!
June 12th, 2002
Two more pages in the manual have been posted.  The Cities page, and Sector Mines page in the manual didn't take too long, but I was very sleepy when typing them out, so if something doesn't make sense, post it on the forums and I will look into it.  In other news, I have a large VISA bill due and just enough money to cover it  *Phew*  Time to go look for a summer job! *Ponders if anyone needs a window washer*

Virus Alert!
June 10th, 2002
2 emails were send to the crusadeguy@hotmail.com address, which Ravage intercepted, and quickly deleted. He sent me the information: "The w32.klez.h@mm virus: it searches address books and sends it out, so that's how it went to you. more info at link below. http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.klez.h@mm.html" According to Symantec Security, if you have Norton Anti-virus updates as of April 17th, then your "protected" and I urge all to make sure their virus software is up-to-date!

Ground "Stuff"
June 10th, 2002
I uploaded 2 new pages to the manual today, Garrisons and Ground Structures. Hopefully I can have the manual done soon, but one never knows when he will be called to play DoD.

Happy B-Day Ravage!
June 8th, 2002
Ravage is now an old man!  He lead OBS to 2nd place in Crusade 2, and is now a member of the Staff.  All our best wishes go out to him and we hope he has a great year to come!  The only thing I could do for a present was post another page in the manual lol.  Oh well, I'll think up something better for Christmas  :)

That's No Moon!
June 8th, 2002
Just posted the "Planets" page in the manual.  Perhaps you will find a surprise within it.  .  .

June 4th, 2002
After a fun game of "Pick-up" hockey, I sat down in front of my computer and decided to do another page in the manual.  Though not that exciting, the Battalions page is important, so check it out.  And as always, if you have any comments, post them on the Forums.  In other news, the Toronto Maple Leafs were defeated by the Carolina Hurricanes in the semi-finals of the NHL playoffs!  NOOOOOO!

Technology Trees & More
May 24th, 2002
In the manual, I have posted all 3 Technology Trees, the Orders page, and the Alliances page.  I also have condensed the categories, so if you see fewer categories, its not just you.  On the forums, a long time veteran of the Crusade Tournaments has made an appearance.  KV_Obear commanded the Knights of Valor during the First Crusade.

Besides the manual, I have been investigating the possibility of having the GCS ready to go for C3; however, I'm just at the beginning of my research right now.

Attack Of the Clones
May 16th, 2002
From what I hear its a great movie, and besides that: its Star Wars! If you are reading this, then you must be a Star Wars fan; therefore it is your DUTY to go and watch this movie!

Extreme Force
May 14th, 2002
After a couple hours of mulling over the Force rules, I decided to make major changes them.  Some Force powers have been altered, moved to another category, or deleted.  If there are any questions about VIPs and the Force, please ask so I can clarify the rules.  If you have suggestions as to how I can improve the rules, or feel I am leaving out a Force skill which ought to be in Crusade 3, let me know on the forums.  Besides that, enjoy!

Also, the Jedi Knight Mod: Wraith-Squadron being worked on by Proctor, has a new URL and forum.   Check it out at http://wraith.imperialknights.net

Actions Page Complete
May 13th, 2002
The VIP Actions page in the manual has been updated and completed.  I also altered the Skills page a bit (with regards to the force).  I will be completing and updating the force rules soon.

VIP Experience Points
May 5th, 2002
I updated the manuals "Combat" page to show how VIPs will gain experience through battle.

VIP's Action Calculations Released!
April 11th, 2002
Oh god does my head ever hurt!  I'm not a math type of guy so all the work I had to do to get these done has created a black hole in my mind where everything is being sucked in, slowly dying.. can't. .. think.. *12 hours later after a long nap and several cups of coffee* Okay I'm back, if you spot any errors in my math or think that the calculations just suck: let me know and we can discuss them on the Forums.

In other news, the Wraith Squadron mod for JK2 is slowly starting up. I believe there are about 6 members and the site is going to be moving to the IK servers soon for more room and bandwidth. Check it out here

Jedi Knight 2 Released!
March 29th, 2002
*Griffin being sarcastic* Well folks the game we have all been waiting for since 1998 is finally here! But wait a sec... They released it on Good Friday and all the stores are closed! What a bunch of knuckle-heads George Lucas is employing! Fire the marketing staff! This is ridiculous! *That's all I have to say*

The Force & VIP Actions
March 15th, 2002
I just added more to the Crusade 3 manual. The Force page is up and so is the VIP Actions page. I have yet to work out the formulas for how each action will work but they will not be overly complex simply because I am not a math wiz lol. If you have questions, please ask on the forums. More to come soon!

1st Set Of Rules Posted
February 28th, 2002
You'll note on the side nav bar that under the heading "RULES" there is only one option labeled "crusade manual *new*" Well you can actually click on it now! Yeay! lol. Only the top 5 or so work and also the link to combat works of course. The rest of the rules will be posted soon, and of course these might be updated too at any time like I do with the Library. By the way, I changed some wording and stats around for the transports and will be adding an option for the Empire: Zero-G Storm troopers. Why IK and OBS want them I don't know but its in the game, what can I do eh?

Library Updated
February 27th, 2002
I went through each and every single opt, making sure all the stats are correct. If you find something incorrect let me know as I take great pride in the library. One thing that surprised me today was that someone had the guts to ask me if I just "made up" the stats I post. Never! The first Crusade 2 library was the best I could do at its time since I didn't know about these fancy OTP viewers. I had to buy Prima's strategy book, fly each craft, or if it wasn't flyable, tail behind it getting its speed by "matching" its speed. A very time consuming and frustrating procedure. As for cargo I don't know what each ship can actually carry because it seems with every book, every encyclopedia something changes regarding this to suit the book/ star wars story lines needs. I have done my best to keep things true to star wars as possible so please; stop being so critical and enjoy!

Craft Library Done!
February 25th, 2002
Woohoo! Finally, done! Just uploaded the capitol ships page. Things might change between now and the start of the mini Crusade coming up but at least you have a very good idea now of what is available and the costs.

Craft Library (2 of 4 pages done)
February 12th, 2002
I have posted all 4 pages of the library on the site. They all have pictures but little else although I have been working around the clock these past few days getting the stats up. So far the fighters and transport pages are done. If you see an error in the stats or know a stat that I don't (I put a "?" every time I wasn't sure about a stat) please let me know by email or posting on the message board. Thank you.

Jedi Knight II: Trailer released!
February 7th, 2002

Has It Come To This?
February 7th, 2002
I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read the following!

Will you be using this Dell PC for world terror (y/n)?
Dell UK is dutifully doing its bit in the war against terrorism, as evidenced by the Export Compliance section of the company's online order form. Says Question 4: "Will the product(s) be used in connection with weapons of mass destruction, i.e. nuclear applications, missile technology, or chemical or biological weapons purposes?"

Check yes or no. It is not, obviously, clear what happens if you check yes; nor, given the current shoot from the hip draconian policies being implemented on both sides of the pond these days, are we calling for volunteers. But from the way Dell puts it, responsibility lies with the US government rather than the company itself: "Dell Computer Corporation is a US Corporation and is therefore subject to all US Export Laws and Regulations. In view of this, please answer the following 4 questions for US export compliance purposes."

Crusade 3 Test Starting
February 6th, 2002
Yes its true, 4 competitors have stepped up to the plate to try out the modified Crusade rules. You can see their starting positions on the map. Of course I won't start the test till all the rules and library are up in some form so just sit back and relax for now.

Combat Rules Posted
February 2nd, 2002
Just click on the link under rules in the side nav bar and enjoy a good read. Mind you it is a bit shorter then the Crusade 2 rules. Also remember I have created a mailing list for Crusade 3 so if you are interested and want to Subscribe, send an email to: crusade3-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you are not already on the list then you won't know to go to the IK board and sign up if your clan is interested in being part of a test. What is this test you ask? Okay I'll let you in a little. I want to gage current interest in Crusade. If enough clans say they are interested then I will start up a "mini" Crusade 3. This would not have the GCS or automation so it would be like Crusade 2 but with "tweaked" rules.

GCS Alpha Rules Released!
February 1st, 2002
That's right I have created the first version of the Ground Combat Simulator rules. http://www.swcrusade.com/c3gcs_rules.htm Also the IK message boards have gone haywire! I'm not sure what the problem is, or maybe it's just my computer but all I see are data base errors. Not good. I have made the link on the side "Crusade 3: XWA" head back to the old XW Legacy forums which are now up and running 100%. Go there for more information.

The galactic map has also been updated about 6 times since my last post about it. Now there are 114 planets and you can click on the map to see how long it will take you to get from one side of the galaxy to the other!

The Galactic Map
January 28th, 2002
After a lot of hard work and a couple late nights I decided on and completed the Crusade 3 Galactic Map. There is a poll going on in the message boards about speed. Check it out if you want your voice to be heard!

New Forums!
January 25th, 2002
Just Hours after I learned that X-Wing Legacy was gone, IK Warlord contacted me and created new forums for us all to use! I am sorry for the inconvenience that all this has caused and hope we can get back to normal soon. Currently the colors don't match but I have no clue how to change them *Warlord help!* lol. I also uploaded the galactic map (its not done but getting very close) You can view it by clicking its link on the nav bar (just above the teaser movie.)

I have also learned that X-Wing Legacy will come back. Nob says its just being "re-tooled" and upgraded for the new year.

X-wing Legacy Gone. . .
January 25th, 2002
There is a message saying the there was a vote and the good guys lost. . . What about our Forums? Lost too I guess. . . Luckily any info that was important to the tournament was saved by my self but all discussion threads are gone. Hopefully I can find a replacement. A sad day indeed for the Xwing community.

First Look At CIS !!
January 24th, 2002
The programmers from the IK clan have been working overtime these past few weeks to get the CIS ready. Of course it isn't ready to use yet but to view what it will eventually look like Click Here

Also with regards to the craft library. It is currently 40% complete however I am still trying to figure out the style. I am trying an experiment. For the next 2 days I will have one style up which you can see by clicking the "Craft Library" button. Then I will put the other style up so you can have a better sense of the final product. EDIT: You can also see the first picture of the "new" galactic map buy clicking on its button on the side nav bar.

One Full Library down...
January 21st, 2002
I worked "oh so hard" to get the Links library done ;) If you think a link should be put there let me know. I am still working on the design for the Craft Library. There is kind of a vote going on in the Forums.

Library, GUI and Data Base oh my!
January 15th, 2002
Welcome to the year 2002! Many things have been happening behind the "big curtain" so to speak. The brilliant IK programmers have finished the GUI and data base for the CIS! They required some information to put into that data base so over the past 48 hours I have been scrambling to get a full library done of ships and their prices. One day soon I will actually get the library posted on this site too.

I have also taken the time to create a mailing list for Crusade 3 so if you are interested and want to Subscribe, send an email to: crusade3-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Teaser Released!
December 23rd, 2001
Alright, after many hours of work within the Flash 5 environment, I have finally something to show for it! I hope you enjoy, there is of course more to come before we start. This is just a "teaser" after all. http://www.swcrusade.com/teaser.html

News update
December 7th, 2001
Crusade 3 is getting past the organizational stage and into the development stage with Laser now working on the GCS and others in IK diligently working on the new CIS program. Yes this means the next Crusade will be automated and is expected to be ready for testing mid January (hears a lot of people that were holding their breath finally exhale.) Sad news though, I looked on my desktop for the AlliED icon but it was gone! Actually the program has been erased mysteriously from my HD with out a trace. Even the zipped files I had are missing. I just sent a message to Troy, the creator of AlliED in hopes of getting his aid. I am also thinking of doing a quick format of my HD this weekend since many things have not been working properly.

Ground Combat Sim Units
November 18th, 2001
On the newly named message board, "Crusade 3: XWA" I posted a list of the Units that I hope will be used in Crusade 3's Ground Combat Simulator. Also for those of you that happened to click on the teaser movie button, I have disabled it now and will put it back up when completed. Also if you think the text on the side navigation area are much larger then before, you would be correct. The odd thing is I didn't do it....

Crusade 3: Planning Phase
November 15th, 2001
Now that Crusade 2 is complete, it is time to move on to Crusade 3.  There hopefully will be many changes that enhance Crusade such as the newly named Ground Combat Simulator (GCS) which members from the Imperial Knights are working on (Laser and Warlord); more to come soon.  The reason for the name change from "Ground Battle Simulator" is because the initials (GBS) were confusing with the Lucas Arts Game Galactic Battlegrounds (GB).

Speaking of Galactic Battlegrounds, Cloud has started planning a Crusade style tournament for it and is currently looking for people to help him out.  Please go to the the Crusade GB forum to find out more and join his Team!  We will have a site up soon that will cover this tournament more thoroughly. 

Crusade 2: Officially Complete
October 19th, 2001
Congratulations to all those who played and fought, this was truly a great tournament and provided a lot of fun! So now your all wondering whom the winners are eh? I won't keep you waiting.

#1. The Knights of Valor (KV) - Rebel
#2. The Order Of The Black Saber (OBS) - Imperial
#3. The Crimson Hellfire Alliance (CHA) - Rebel
#4. The Star Fighters Alliance (SFA) - Rebel
#5. The Imperial Knights (IK) - Imperial

Crusade 2 Ending Early?
October 12th, 2001
Well its been fun boys and girls but it looks like only a few actually want to go on with Crusade 2. There is a vote *all though very small and ignored* going on the message boards and currently OBS Ravage has bowed out of Crusade 2. CHA has voted to go on but I get a sense from everyone else that playing this game is too much a chore now then a fun game to play. I agree with this view, we had some great battles but its time to look forward to Crusade 3, however, if a majority wish to continue we will do so.

We Will Prevail.
September 19th, 2001
Nothing can be the same after Sept. 11th. Crusade will be on hold at least until Sept. 23rd out of respect for all those lost, or suffering due to the cowardly attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. With large military forces from the United States heading out to participate in a possible war, I encourage everyone to support the troops but will call on everyone to understand what is going on and not just blindly act. Please understand that what a few people say or do does not reflect the view of entire groups. For those looking for some patriotic desktop wall paper, please to to: http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/dbgallery/4/emblem.shtml

Battle 26 Beta Posted!
September 11th, 2001
KV is beating on what's left of the Imperial Knights in battle 26. IK has decided to stay and fight in a noble yet futile stand. The battle is ready for people to down load, however, the IK orders are not final, and as I believe several unintentional errors were made. What is in the mission is my best interpretation of their orders. Also there are many bugs in the mission. Please report all errors on the message board, thank you!

All Quiet On The Western Front
September 8th, 2001
For those of you sleeping out there since nothing is happening, you're not alone! KV ordered an attack on both OBS and IK sectors, however, they have not been able to follow through and fight these battles. KV Honor's Mother just past away the other day. All our sympathies go out to him and his family and after all the injuries Honor has had recently, I hope he can continue. Honor said before he left that Avatar would be taking over for KV but we have not heard from Avatar yet.

I'm some what stuck at the moment, I don't want to proceed knowing the reasons why Honor left, however, what should we do? Should we just fly battle 25 since its already been made and forget about the one with IK or force the battle vs. IK? I will start a thread regarding this on the Crusade 2 message board in the hopes of receiving some feed back. Please reply!

Battle 25 Posted!
August 31th, 2001
Well I hope you like it, I didn't test it much so if there is a bug you'll have to fix it your selves. I got in a lot of trouble for staying up so late to finish it, I'm expecting checks in the mail :)

Quick Holiday!
August 30th, 2001
Tomorrow (Aug. 31st) at 6am I will be leaving for Quebec City for a 4 day vacation before classes start. I will be back on Sept. 3rd, most likely some time around 10pm or so. If there is going to be a battle you'll have to wait till Sept. 4th at least unless everyone sends me their orders now (looks around) and I don't think that will happen lol.

Battle 24 Beta Posted
August 20th, 2001
This battle is between OBS and CHA. Although not ready for the actual fight since a few bugs are in it, please down load it and test it to find these bugs such as a Capitol ship ramming another or leaving when it shouldn't or even the classic bug: fighters hypering right into the back of another ship. Please report them to me at crusadeguy@hotmail.com

Some of you might also be wondering where the hell the preview of Crusade 3 is and you would be right to wonder. Due to lack of time, both the story line and the actual rules/ pictures have not been fully crafted yet. I hope you find it worth the effort WildBunny and I are putting into it. Remember once the preview is posted, it will be your best chance to comment and make changes because after we begin the long process of programming, making a change of any kind will be much more difficult and we want to make sure that the game is what everyone wants!

August 11th Is Now A National Holiday!
August 11th, 2001
Well... maybe not yet but because of all the hard work Blades does for this tournament, it should be! Seems odd that 2 members of the Staff here have the same birthday, I guess it only confirms that it's a great day! (I'm the other staff member for those who don't know lol.) Presents, also known as bribes, will be accepted today until midnight.

Beware The Clones! lol
August 7th, 2001
Well as I'm sure you all know by now, George Lucas has named the latest star wars flick: Episode II Attack of the Clones. If your like me, you fell out of your chair laughing at this title.

There is also more news on the XWAU front as they have released an updated version of the RFP patch to 1.2! Also I have just formatted my HD and don't even have sound drivers installed yet but I will push ahead with the installation of the programs. I hope to be back up and running at 100% very soon again. If I was on your ICQ list, or want me to be on your ICQ list, please send me a message! I don't have anyone on my new list right now but the number is the same: 64294201.

The Imperial Fighter Patch!
July 28th, 2001
That's right, the good folks at the XWA Upgrade have completed the IFP !! It is simply amazing! Please go down load it and try it out. If you can post a message on their message board to let them know just how much we all appreciate their hard work it would be great! (-:

Also, some changes are coming to the Crusade site. Don't worry its nothing major.

Peek @ Crusade 3 ICSGBS
July 27th, 2001
Well, there are many things I would like to try for Crusade 3 and one of them is a Ground Battle Simulator. Its a simple concept but might take a while to make. I don't know if its possible to make it multiplayer so both defender and attacker could control their units but I will look at everything. I hope you guys like the idea and yes the graphics will be better LOL
Click Here To See "Concept Art"

July 19th, 2001
That's right, the good guys at the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade (XWAU) have finished and released both the Imperial TIE Patch (ITP) and the Imperial Fighter Patch (IFP)! If you have a computer that is fast enough, feel free to down load the XWAU patches and use them in Crusade battles. Keep in mind you need at least a GeForce or ATI's Radeon Card and an Athlon or P3 processor with oodles of RAM to "properly" play with the patches in Crusade battles. All players do not have to have the patches to play from what I know.

Message Boards Are Back!
July 12th, 2001
The message boards are up again! Just click on the buttons on the side bar, and you'll be sent to them! Woohoo!

Breaking Message Board News
July 12th, 2001
As we all know the message boards have been down for a while but should be back up soon! However, I have finally figured out who is to blame for this massive inconvenience. It is of course not any one at XW Legacy or even my self that is at fault. It is all OBS' fault! If you noticed that the second they attacked SFA at sector 10, the message boards went down and thought something was funny, then you would be right! After destroying the first SFA Fleet, OBS Thrawn has just admitted to me that they sent in a commando team of Dark Troopers to destroy all SFA communication equipment in the sector which included the XW Legacy Server!

:: Battle Update #5 ::
July 6th, 2001
*bites finger nails* Okay there was a bug with the T/D, and its fixed now so you will have to down load the mission again *falls over* I am not going to be on the net ever again! All these complaints are driving me mad !!!

:: Battle Update #4 ::
July 5th, 2001
*looks around then stands up thinking its all clear* Okay I have released the final version of the battle at 6:45 pm. The problem with the last version is that the CRS hits one of the A/FRG's shield gens non stop, this isn't all that fair so I moved it. That's the only thing changed. Also be aware that the Template for the battle has been updated, so you will have to load it again while in XWA. *suddenly hundreds of tomato's come flying at Gryphon who just can't get out of the way in time... ))) SPLAT ! ((( *then he falls out a window...*

:: Battle Update #3 ::
July 5th, 2001
Yes another bug fix so you'll have to down load it again :) Its updated as of 2pm EST. The mission looks like it will be flown Friday Night, and if no one is there, then the AI will fly it for the team that isn't there :(

:: Battle Update #2 ::
July 5th, 2001
SFA sent in some changes to the mission which have been implemented now. I hope this version makes everyone happy :) I couldn't allow all that SFA wanted (ie having their X-wings start back 4km of the M/FRG) but the rest of it looked good. There are now less then 24 hours in which to fly the mission (ie Thursday night some time it should be flown) but remember I can't host :(

Also, I received an email from those who I thought copied Crusade. They provided a more then acceptable explanation as to why their tournament is how it is and I am sorry to anyone that might have been hurt or confused. Repeat: their tournament is their own original creation and definitely NOT a copy! :) I hope that clears things up and if you have any questions feel free to ask me at crusadeguy@hotmail.com

:: Battle Update ::
July 4rd, 2001
I just updated the new battle @ 10 correcting several things such as the angle of attack the A/FRG's have against the OBS CRS and moved some fighters around so that way when the come into the battle, the first thing they don't see is the back of a Capitol ship :) Also, happy Independence Day to all those Americans out there!

Another Battle @ 10!
July 3rd, 2001
I just posted the mission for the battle @ 10 for turn 68! Holy cow is it ever a slug-fest! Good luck to both sides! Remember, you have 48 hours to play the battle, which means if its not done by Wed. night, then the AI will fly for you :(

Sadly as many of you have seen in your e-mail boxes, I think I have identified a group of Star Wars fans that has copied Crusade with out our consent. It is not my intent in any way to make wild claims and to shut them down, but I was seeking the truth, nothing more. I'm sure they will go on, as we will as if nothing happened but its nice to have credit paid where credit is due. For those interested or didn't know, the agreement/ disclaimer for Crusade 2 is at the bottom of this main page, just scroll to the bottom and click on the link :)

Caught By Surprise!
July 2nd, 2001
Holy cow, almost an entire month with no main page updates, how did you guys survive?! In any case most of you know that I am no longer on cable since I hated seeing that $40 monthly check go out to Rogers@home, however, when I tried to switch to Bell Simpatico I got screwed over! They signed me up, sent me the DSL modem which I easily hooked up and then on the day I am suppose to get full access to the net again, they tell me that they cannot take on any more customers from my part of the city! Thanks for telling me now guys!

So here I sat for a week with only my laptops AOL 56k connection, typing away as best I could but bad luck hit again when the things hard drive died on me! Argh! Just as I was about to get my new ICQ list totally up-to-date too! lol. I have gone to another DSL ISP in hopes that they can fulfill my broad band appetite but I am holding my breath as to whether it will work with my luck and all. The only good news I can tell you is that I found a job very easy *yeay* and my laptop's HD is still under warranty! However, as we all know there is still some bad luck lurking about, as our beautiful message boards supplied by X-wing Legacy have been plagued with bugs and are more often down then working and my character "Griffin" in the Star Wars Combine recently got expelled from the Empire for supposedly shooting him self.. some people just can't take a joke heh!

Oh BTW to all those Canadians out there, "Happy Canada Day!" (I wanted to post this on July 1st, but couldn't)

Battle @ 10 Is Posted
June 15th, 2001
I just finished it! I was hoping to have something un expected happen at the end but it didn't work *sigh* however, I did get some TRN's to come in a board any ship at the end if its disabled for fun!

Break Out The Champaign!
June 14th, 2001
Its Done! Everyone, please enjoy your selves and remember to go post on the message board your birthday and any other important events in your life so I can put them on the Tournament Calendar!

Finished Side Buttons
June 11th, 2001
Not much work done today since I was sleeping for most of it and then went out for burgers then travelled around the city looking for a new sofa for the family room. The one we have is from the mid 70's and is full of holes! I am also going to try and get one for the basement (where the computer is) so that way I can surf and watch TV on something clean and comfortable, instead of the sofa I have now down here (which is also from the 70's but with out the holes, just the dirt.)

More Work Done
June 8th, 2001
I was only able to work on the site a bit, mainly getting the buttons working and pointing to the right URL, still many to go. I saw the movie Shrek, and can't say it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'd say it was a renter. The ending made the movie seem much better then it was leaving me with a happy feeling lol. I decided to try something different by making the link to the map open up in a whole new window. This way people can read the rules or what ever else on the site, and still keep the map open instead of having to constantly re-load it. If it is un-popular then I will change it of course. I also received an email from a clan requesting to join Crusade 3 today (-:

Work Has Begun..
June 7th, 2001
There is a lot to do before I can post this site, for now just getting it the way I want it to look is the first step, the second step will be to get all the pages ready, and the third is to connect all the links. *phew* what a large job I am asking of my self. This site was created in a hurry for the star wars combine but I don't know if they will use it so what the hell, I will use it till the end of Crusade 2!

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