SWCrusade 3 Craft Pack

Windows 10 Installation Instructions

If X-Wing Alliance is currently installed on your computer and has been modified in any way:

1) Uninstall any installed Craft Packs (XWAU or DSUCP for example), then uninstall X-Wing Alliance, the pilot, config files, and the entire LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance directory.
NOTE: If you have other games in the LucasArts directory, then don't delete the LucasArts directory. The idea is to delete as much of X-Wing Alliance from your Windows 10 system as possible.

2) You now need to go to C:\Users\yourwindowsuseridhere\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\SKIRMISH and delete the X-Wing Alliance\SKIRMISH files and folders.

3) Restart your computer. You must restart your computer before you can reinstall X-Wing Alliance.

4) Now that you have restarted, install XWA to the default directory - do a full install. If you are installing from the original CDs from 1999, then you will most likely need to follow the *Unofficial* MSI instructions from Markus Egger at http://markusegger.at/Software/Games/XwaMsi/Instructions.html. If you have issues installing from the original CDs, you can try asking for assistance on the XWAU Forms. X-Wing Alliance is available for purchase from Humble Bundle, Steam, or GOG. If you are buying X-Wing Alliance new from one of those sites, then they already have the X-Wing Alliance v2.02 patch, and you can skip to step 8.

5) After XWA has been installed, restart your computer again.

6) After it has restarted, install the official X-Wing Alliance v2.02 patch. You may get it at http://www.lucasarts.com/support/update/alliance.html.
NOTE: I had to get the patch from http://xvt.uharc.net/download:patch using the "mirror de" option.

7) After the X-Wing Alliance v2.02 patch has been installed, intall JeremyaFr's XWA Upgrade files for X-Wing Alliance to work in Windows 10 (ddraw.cfg and ddraw.dll) saved in the same directory as your XWINGALLIANCE.exe. If you wish to fly with others, they must use the same files that you do. Links to JeremyaFr's xwa_ddraw_d3d11 files can be found on the Downloads page of the XWAU.

8) Launch and play X-Wing Alliance. In the Video Options turn on 3D Hardware, and choose your resolution settings, and ensure XWA is working (try playing a mission that came with the game, or a simple skirmish). When done, exit out of the game.

9) Install the Crusade 3 craft pack. If you are going to play online with others, be sure everyone is using the exact same resolution files while installing. All players must all have the same resolution files. If someone has something different, multiplayer will crash. For single player, you may install whichever resolution you prefer.

10) Leave all the other options alone, and complete the installation.

11) Please start up XWA, and either create a new pilot, or use the pilot Darksaber created called Crusade 3. If you need a piloting editor so you don't have to start at the beginning of the game, download the X-Wing Piloteer file and edit your new pilot.

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Released: December 1st, 2003
Size: 166 MB
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Crusade 3 Craft Pack Uninstaller

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Released: April 24th, 2004
Size: 30 KB
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3. You may not, create any derivatives of the Software or individual works contained within without the author's prior permission.

4. This patch is a third-party add-on. It is not made, distributed, supported, nor approved by LucasArts Entertainment Company or Totally Games. Star Wars © and X-Wing © Alliance are the intellectual property of © LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. © Lucasfilm Ltd. TM.

5. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.

The Crusade 3 Craft Pack was created by Darksaber, and contains all the craft used in the Crusade 3 Tournament. The file it self is dedicated to the memory of the Space Shuttle Columbia crewmembers who lost their lives on February 1, 2003.

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