SWCrusade 3 Combat Files

Installation Instructions

Before you install a combat mission, keep the following in mind: you must have a retail version of X-Wing Alliance with the official xwaupd202 patch, as well as JeremyaFr's XWA Upgrade files for XWA to work in Windows 10 (ddraw.cfg and ddraw.dll) saved in the same directory as your XWINGALLIANCE.exe. If you wish to fly with others, they must have the same retail version of X-Wing Alliance, and also must have installed the exact same mission and files that you do. All battles require the Crusade 3 Craft Pack installed with standard settings and JeremyaFr's xwa_ddraw_d3d11 (links to these files can be found on the Downloads page of the XWAU). The Staff of SWCrusade does not take any responsibility if something goes wrong - in other words, download at your own risk. The following steps are the procedure that we recommend for installing a battle:

Install A Mission (Windows 10)

1) Down load the appropriate Combat mission zip file.

2) Unzip the combat mission file, and extract the battle.skm and the TEMP.TIE files to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\Skirmish), and over write the existing TEMP.TIE file there.

3) In Windows Explorer, go to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\Skirmish), find the file called "temp.TIE" and right click on it. Click on "Properties" and look at the "Attributes".

4) If not already there, place a check mark in the box that says "Read-only" then click "Okay".

5) You now need to go to C:\Users\yourwindowsuseridhere\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\SKIRMISH and delete the file called TEMP.TIE.

6) Close Windows Explorer, then go to and play X-Wing Alliance via the "Combat Simulator" - and choose either single player or multiplayer.

7) Choose to Load a skirmish combat template. Look for the Combat Mission's name, (usually at the bottom), and load it. The first combat mission template is "Battle_G27".

8) Place your pilot in one of the ships available but do not add or alter the ships!

9) Now, installation is complete. Simply click on "Begin" and enjoy! If there are any issues, please post them on the SWCrusade forum.


1) To uninstall a combat mission, simply go to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\Skirmish

2) Find the battle file and delete it, then find the file called "temp.TIE" and right click on it.

3) Click on "Properties" and look at the "Attributes".

4) Uncheck the box that says "Read-only" then click "Okay".

5) Once you start up XWA, the Crusade information in the temp.TIE file will be erased, so you do not need to worry about it interfering with your normal XWA gaming.

Combat Files

Battle 1: in this battle, BLESS has sent in a good-sized invasion force to take out the FTS garrison. Victory for the Flying Tigers is unlikely - but there is still hope. Template: Battle_G27

Battle 2: IK has sent a task force into one of CHA's main sectors, and is committing a large portion of it into the battle. Can CHA's new X-wing 2's save the day? Template: Battle_h9

Battle 3: BLESS has invaded FTS' sector F29. FTS' standard garrison is present, and hopes to dish place a large dent on the Imperial task force. Template: Battle_f29

Battle 4: IK has trapped a CHA invasion fleet with an Interdictor. Can CHA destroy the Interdictor and escape, or will IK claim the day? Template: Battle_k12

Battle 5: BLESS has also captured a CHA invasion fleet, but has given its Interdictor orders to run if the going gets tough. Can BLESS's fighters hold off the bombers? Template: Battle_f13

Battle 6: BLESS is going on a rampage across the northern parts of the galaxy meeting with little resistance. Finally, they have run into a fortified sector which might just be able to put an end to the Empire's plans. Template: Battle_h22

Battle 7: BLESS has followed IK's SSD to sector J11 where they hope to trap it with their gravity wells. Unfortunately, not even a DSD it seems can keep a SSD if it wants to go. Template: Battle7_j11

Battle 8: IK has made a gutsy move by attacking a very large BLESS fleet. Can the VSDII take out the two Interdictors before the ISD's come in to finish it off? Template: Battle8_i6

Battle 9: BLESS ran into an ambush. Quick little battle between a M/CRV vs. the IK fleet. Template: Battle9_j11

Battle 10: A FTS fleet fights for its life against an armada of Imperial craft from IK. Can the fleet escape? Template: Battle10_o15

Battle 11: A CHA fleet has entered a sector which was just taken from it by IK. Although the rebel fleet is large, the IK force presents a serious threat in this fight to the finish! Template: Battle11_i11

Battle 12: One of the Flying Tigers tasks forces has run into a bee hive of Imperial activity. Blessed Darkness' fleet, although not having the same powerful star fighter force, non-the less over powers the Flying Tigers with its mighty star ships. Victory for either side will depend upon its pilot's skill and stamina since this battle will last more than 40 minutes! Template: Battle12_j22

Battle 12.1: During battle 12, the servers computer crashed, so rather than playing the battle all over again, I created a battle that would start were we left off. Template: Battle121_j22

Battle 13: A small BLESS scout fleet has entered a CHA held sector with the simple goal of scanning the sector and then getting the hell out. After the recovery of BLESS' agent from the planet Sluis Van, the M/CRV Vengeance is attempting to escape. Rebel forces are moving to intercept, but will it be in time? Template: Battle13_O7

Battle 14: A small FTS garrison tries to take out a BLESS fleet led by an SSD. Template: Battle14_J22

Battle 15: A large battle between FTS and BLESS. Who will survive? Template: Battle15_i23

Battle 16: A garrison of BLESS TIE Cyclones is moving to attack an invading FTS fleet. Template: Battle16_H18

Battle 17: A small group of Rebel fighters is moving to intercept an Imperial fleet armed to the teeth with TIE Avengers. Can the Rebel's hold out and force the Imperials to retreat? Template: battle17_j13

Battle 18: A FTS Fleet has decided to attack a well defended BLESS garrison. The challenge for the garrison is to inflict as much damage onto the FTS Fleet as possible; however, the FTS Fighters will prove difficult opponents. Template: battle18_i23

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